Rocca Holly-Nambi is an internationally award-winning Cultural Producer. Boom. She is Director of b-side, a contemporary arts organisation and biennale festival based on the Isle of Portland. 

Holly-Nambi is undertaking a practice based PhD in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, on Queer Abstraction in Kenya and Uganda. 

This website documents artworks, projects, and ideas. You are welcome to explore.

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b-side is a festival and arts organisation that embodies and enriches its place of origin, the Isle of Portland. It’s a pleasure to be b-side’s director, working with a team to drive the operational and creative vision of the organization and all who we reach out to. www.b-side.org.uk

Queer Visual Strategies

I’m trying to complete a PhD… it’s tricky with a full time job, but it’s also very rewarding, mind bending and eye opening. This is the question I’m focusing on: What visual strategies are East African artists adopting in order to survive and thrive in atmospheres of queer oppression? Through this exploration I am finding artworks […]

East Africa Arts

East Africa Arts is a British Council programme, connecting contemporary British and East African artists through grants, opportunities and projects across: Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK. I had the pleasure, challenge and opportunity of taking this programme on since its birth and working with an inspiring team across 8 countries to see […]


Jump: the urge to leave the ground for a moment This video was commissioned by Más Arte Más Acción in response to the 500 year anniversary of Thomas More’s book Utopia. Published in 1516, Utopia is about the political system of an imaginary, ideal (for some) island nation. In Jump, performance artist, Ife Piankhi – adorned with mythical wings – moves through […]


KLA ART is Kampala’s Contemporary Art Festival. The project commissions new artworks – by Ugandan and East African based artists – to showcase to publics in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. The festival was founded in 2012, and I worked with a team of people and cultural organisations in Kampala to deliver the first two editions. KLA […]


KLA ART 012 was Kampala’s first Contemporary Art Festival. 32° East and seven other cultural centres in Kampala took part to make it a reality. KLA ART 012 commissioned 12 artists to make new work – in, with, on, or without – an industrial shipping container which were placed in public spaces throughout the city of […]


Walking can be difficult, mundane, political, vital, it can be art- some argue it is art.  Walking can be dangerous, it can be sexual, gentle, competitive, meditative… WalkingAnd.org aims to bring together the many facets and aspects of walking. Through reading Rebecca Solnits’: Wanderlust my eyes (and legs) began to unravel how the simple, human, universal act of walking […]

Blank Canvas Bike Tour

The Edinburgh International Art festival commissioned me to produce a late night interactive tour around Edinburgh’s art scene for the curators and art lovers of Scotland. It was a bit chaotic. It did though make it into Artlyst’s 2009 Festival Highlights. You can read about it here: http://www.artlyst.com/news/edinburgh-festival-2009-exhibitions/  (It’s the last entry). The Blank Canvas Bike Tour […]

They Do Things Differently There

As part of my Masters in  Contemporary Art Theory I undertook a curatorial element which entailed planning and co-curating a group exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh.  We created They Do Things Differently There My role was to design an education programme around the exhibition.  The programme was to challenge, extend and compliment the themes and concepts in the […]

Studio Work

Combining materials that create an icky sticky look. Like the feelings felt during the first 10 minutes of a face to face date with someone you only knew from tinder. Materials brought together to visualise the mess and potential of new connections. Image 1: Everyday Queerness. Egg box, red enamel paint. Image 2: Funky Artemis. […]